Watercolour World

Watercolour World online database

Watercolour World have created a free online database of documentary watercolours painted before 1900.

Before the invention of the camera, people used watercolours to document the world. Over the centuries, painters – both professional and amateur – created hundreds of thousands of images recording life as they witnessed it.

Every one of these paintings has a story to tell, but many are hidden away in archives, albums and store rooms, too fragile to display. Watercolour World exists to bring them back into view.

For the first time, you can explore these fascinating visual records on a world map, search for topics that are important to you, and compare watercolours from multiple collections in one place.

Watercolour World hope that this project will not simply preserve the watercolour record but revive it, sparking new conversations and revelations.

Check out Watercolour World now to see if your One Place Study location is featured.