Barwick WW1+ and Scholes WW1+

In the run up to Remembrance Day, we are featuring some of the War Memorial Studies we have recently added to the One Place Studies Directory.

Barwick (full title = Barwick-in-Elmet) and Scholes are neighbouring Yorkshire villages approximately seven miles and six miles east of Leeds respectively.

The study covers both villages and both WW1 and WW2. It includes those who served and survived as well as those who died. It is the work of Nigel Marshall, Christine Hudson and many others who have contributed.

The Barwick War Memorial, comprising a cross with bronze plaques, stands on the base of the ancient village cross. It was unveiled in 1920 by Barwick resident Mrs Kate Childe whose son Derrick was one of sixteen named who died in WW1.

Scholes actually boasts three forms of War Memorial. The first, with stone mounted plaques (pictured below), lists the names of those who lost their lives in each war. The second is an avenue of trees, each one planted to commemorate one of the fallen in each war. The third is a wall-mounted Roll of Honour which lists the names of all the men from Scholes who served during the Great War.

Each person named has a dedicated page on the study website with biography containing family history and service information and, where available, photographs of the serviceman, regimental badge, war grave, cemetery etc.

The page for Gunner James William Precious who sadly died of his wounds one day before the Armistice was signed includes a photograph of the ‘death penny‘ bearing his name.

Example clip from the page remembering Derrick Childe

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