Dawson Cemetery, New Mexico

Dawson Cemetery, Colfax, New Mexico, United States is included in the One Place Studies Directory

Dawson Cemetery in Colfax County, New Mexico is the latest United States Cemetery Study to be included in the One Place Studies Directory.

The cemetery contains approximately 600 marked burials in three sections that date from 1906 until 1950.

  • The largest section, approximately 360 burials, is enclosed with iron-pipe fencing and contains the graves of miners killed in two major explosions in 1913 and 1923. Uniform rows of identical iron crosses mark these burials.
  • North and east of the miners’ section are the oldest graves dating from 1906 to the late 1920s.
  • The newest section of the south side contains 80 burials dating from the late 1920s trough 1950, including New Mexicans killed in WWII.

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