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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Cumbrian Railway Employees

The Cumbrian Railways Association has created a database of references to Cumbrian Railway Employees.

The database comprises over 28,000 records derived from a large number of sources including official railway documents, committee minutes and staff records, staff magazines, accident and newspaper reports, local directories and many more. The database covers the period from the earliest days of the railways in Cumbria up to the 1920s. It is strongest in references from West Cumbria. The database is published in alphabetical order as a series of pdfs.

Search for Cumbrian Railway Employees now!

With special thanks to Oxenholme One Place Study for bringing this database to our attention,

Canadian First World War Database Completed

42nd Battalion

Massive congratulations to Library and Archives Canada (LAC) on completing the digitization of all Canadian military personnel records from World War 1.
It took five years of work, encompassing over 30 million digitized images and 540 terabytes of data, but they now have a complete database of more than 620,000 files accessible online! 
Explore the personnel records of the First World War Database now – the advanced search options allow you to search by place of birth or place of enlistment.
LAC also invite you to visit the 100 Stories section of their website to learn more about some of the many brave men and women who sacrificed so much for freedom and peace.

Relationship Ready Reckoner

As part of your study you will uncover relationships and reconnect individuals in your place.

Sometimes working out the relationship of one individual to another to another can be complicated if the relationship is ‘removed’ by several generations.

Don’t worry! You can now use our Relationship Ready Reckoner to quickly work out one family member’s relationship to another.

Click on the link below to download it as a pdf now!

Relationship Ready Reckoner