1914: Snowdon Ranger Hotel – now a home of rest

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This well-known house, formerly an hotel, has been transformed into a home of rest for missionaries.

It will be the property of the society of the Sacred Mission, which is a Church of England community of men, and of which the Bishop of Southwell is Visitor. The society, which is engaged in several foreign missions and is also working in English parishes, has its chief house at Kelham Hall, between Newark and Southwell, where there is a theological college and a large staff of tutors. Many of the students have no private means, and the society undertakes the whole responsibility of their education.

It is the intention of the society, it appears, to use the Snowdon Ranger as a house of rest and a holiday resort for their missionaries from abroad, for tutors during holidays, and for any students who may need a change of air. Occasionally also a large number of visitors may be entertained there. Kelham Hall is now so full that the society has for some time desired an additional house which may serve as an overflow house for the clergy. There is no intention at present of building a chapel, but should the house become uncomfortably full such an addition might prove to be necessary. The college has had more than 90 men ordained, including a few Welshmen. The licence of the hotel was recently allowed to lapse, no application for its renewal being made at the last licensing session. It is situated in one of the most romantic spots in Wales.

North Wales Chronicle, 14 May 1914