1919: Beddgelert War Memorial

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A generous offer

Beddgelert War Memorial

Mr. W. R. Williams, chairman of Beddgelert Parish Council has received a letter as follows from Mr. J B. Heywood, Manchester

We presume that in common with other patriotic localities you are erecting some kind of memorial to the men of your district who fought and fell in the great war.

We have a suggestion to make, which, we hope, will meet with your approval, for a memorial which would fill a dual purpose and remove a reproach, if we may say so, to your town.

The writer remembers being taken to Beddgelert many years ago, and being greatly disappointed at being shown a tree with railings round it, which was pointed out as “Gelert’s Grave,” having expected to see as described in Spencer‘s poem— A gallant tomb with costly sculpture decked.”

To be brief, our suggestion is that, somewhat late in the day, a “gallant tomb” should be erected and combined with a War Memorial. We suggest that a Welsh sculptor should be employed and local material used, and if we may be allowed, we shall be very glad to subscribe in a suitable manner. We suggest that if the interest of the Premier could be obtained the scheme would be as good as successfully concluded, and we have little doubt that considerable benefit would accrue to the town of Beddgelert from this long-delayed act of justice.

The Cambrian News and Merionethshire Standard, 8 August 1919