1865: Rejoicings on the Marriage of W. Griffith Esq., to Miss Priestley

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Beddgelert – Marriage Celebration

On Thursday last the marriage of Mr. Wynn Griffith and Miss Priestley was celebrated with due honour and respect to the illustrious couple. At 7 o’clock, the day was ushered in by the firing of rock and other cannon, which, notwithstanding the unpropitious state of the weather, was continued at intervals during the whole of the day. At 3 o’clock the children of both schools, amounting to about 200, met at the National School, and partook of an excellent tea, with plenty of “bara brith,” buns, &c., to their hearts’ content, and to which they seemed to do ample justice. After tea was over, “Long life to Victoria,” “God bless the Prince of Wales,” and “God save the Queen,” were rendered by the children in a most creditable and artistic manner. An orange was presented to each child on their departure. At5 o’clock a number of friends sat down at the Goat Hotel to a sumptuous dinner, which, be it said, to the credit of all concerned, passed off most satisfactorily and comfortably. After the usual toasts of the day, the health of Mr. and Mrs. Wynn Griffith was drank with great enthusiasm and musical honours, with long life and much happiness to both. In the evening a beautiful bonfire was kindled on the top of Craigadwy above the village. All the cottages in the town were most brilliantly illuminated, and over the porticoes at the hotel and Erw Fair hung well-designed mottoes tastefully decorated with evergreen and flags, and illuminated the whole, combining to make the scene most lively, pleasant, and comfortable. At a late hour some fine rockets were let off to the great amusement and satisfaction of all the spectators.


North Wales Chronicle, Saturday 8 April 1865