1873: Thunderstorm

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Early on Friday morning, the 3rd inst., the above district was visited by one of the most severe storms experienced for some years, the flashes of lightning being almost incessant. A small chapel in the upper part of Nantmor, belonging to the Calvinistic Methodists, was almost destroyed by the lightning. It seems that the electric fluid first struck the earth about five yards from the end of the chapel, passed under a boundary wall and a small stable without doing any damage, then struck the gable end opposite the fire-grate, which it forced in, breaking every pane of glass in the building, and smashing the pulpit and several seats. It appears then to have travelled up the chimney flue, until it reached within a few feet of the top, where it scattered, blowing off nearly the whole of the roof of the building, and throwing the heavy stones of the chimney stack to a considerable distance. It also killed some sheep which happened to be near at the time.

With these warnings, it is worth enquiring how many of our chapels, erected at so great a cost, are furnished with lightning conductors?

Source: Llangollen Advertiser, published 17 January 1873


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