Motor Bus Services

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Crosville Bus SLL631 registration OCA631P at Beddgelert 24 May 1978. Photograph courtesy and copyright of David Jones.

Motor Bus Services 1973

Messrs. Whiteway Services, of 6 Castle Square, Caernarvon, operate a service from Caernarvon to Llyn Cwellyn, Rhyd ddu, the Beddgelert camp site and Beddgelert village. Certain buses go on to Portmadoc, or to Nant Gwynant.

The Crosville Company runs a service from Portmadoc to Beddgelert village. Time-tables, No. 5 Area, from Crane Wharf, Chester.

There are no Sunday bus services at Beddgelert.

Extracted from Snowdonia Forest Park Guide 4th Edition, 2nd Impression, 1973


1910: Rhyd-Ddu – Lecture

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In the Literary and Debating Society of the above place held last Tuesday evening, a lecture was delivered by Mr T. H. Parry-Williams, B.A., Oxford, a native of the place. His subject was “Ieuenctid y Dydd,” and he dealt with the young Welsh poets that have lately published their works. The lecturer criticised and eulogised the works of Eifion Wyn, Emyr, Moelwyn, W. Wyn Williams, Silyn, and W. J. Griffith, in a very keen and masterful manner, and recited most effectively specimens from the lyrics of each poet. Though much had been written to the contrary, from time to time, he considered the present age, so far, the golden age of Welsh poetry. The interest of the audience was kept without flagging from beginning to end by the many and varied recitations the lecturer gave from the poets under consideration

Published in Carnavon and Denbigh Herald, 14 January 1910


1907: The Snowdon Ranger Hotel – transfer of licence

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Carnarvon County Police Court

Saturday, before Dr Taylor Morgan (Chairman), Meesrs D. P. Williams, G. J. Roberts, J. Isaard Davies, Arthur Williams, T. J. Davies, Robert Roberts, and H. Jones Roberts


Mr R Pughe Griffiths applied for the temporary transfer of the license of the above house from Mrs Foulkes, who is leaving, to Mr Harrison, who had been schoolmaster at Nantmor for 35 years.

The application was granted, the magistrates remarking that it was desirable that Mr Harrison should become the tenant, and not the manager only.

North Wales Express, 12 April 1907

The Snowdon Ranger

Mr Pughe Griffiths applied for the full transfer of this license to Mr W. Harrison, late schoolmaster at Nantmor. This was granted.

North Wales Express, 3 May 1907


1906: Rhyd-Ddu and Beddgelert

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Much money has recently been spent upon the Glan’rafon Quarry, which is now being worked by a new company, under the management of Mr Cadwaladr Humphreys. An attempt is being made to open out the quarry, and many men have been given employment. The slates produced are described as being of the finest quality. The arrangement as to wages, namely, the withholding of 2s in the £ from the sum earned, is adversely criticised.

The Rhos Clogwyn Quarry has been idle tor some time, but it is believed that work will soon be restarted on a small scale.

The Bwlch Cwmllan Quarry is the highest in Carnarvonshire. At present there are not many workmen there; but it is said that large quantities of slates are being produced, and that good wages are earned.

About twelve men from the parish of Beddgelert have emigrated to America, and a few have gone to South Wales.

Published in Carnarvon and Denbigh Herald, 3 August 1906FacebooktwitterpinterestmailFacebooktwitterpinterestmail

1890: Rhyd-Ddu – Fatal accident

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On Tuesday last, a sudden fall of rock took place at the Glan’rafon Quarry, the property of Messrs. J. Owen and Son, Carnarvon, in which a workman named Griffith Parry, Rhyd-ddu, was instantaneously killed, being frightfully crushed. Deceased left a widow and three children to mourn their untimely loss. At an inquest held on Wednesday last, before Mr. J. H. Roberts, coroner, the verdict was “Accidental death.”

Published in Carnarvon and Denbigh Herald, 2 May 1890FacebooktwitterpinterestmailFacebooktwitterpinterestmail

1865: Brynfelin and Rhyd Ddu Copper Mines

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Dinner at the Goat Hotel.- On Monday evening last, the new Company which have purchased both of the above mines gave a dinner to all the workmen employed in them, to the number of 53, at the Goat Hotel, Beddgelert. Mr. Wm. Powell, the Agent, likewise invited a number of his personal friends to join in the festive proceedings, so that the total number of guests which sat down to dinner was 68. The day was held pretty much as a holiday in the village and cannons were fired in rapid succession from morning until night. The spread provided by Mrs. Pritchard, was a most recherche and superb one, and did great credit to this renowned establishment. It was served up in the large coffee room of the hotel. Dinner was placed on the table at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the Rev. R. E. Priestley occupying the chair, and Mr. Pritchard, Proprietor of the Hotel, the Vice Chair. Amongst the Company, in addition to the above two gentlemen, were the following–R. Roberts, Esq., Surgeon, Portmadoc; Mr. Powell, Agent at the two mines in question; Mr. G. Hughes, Agent at the Ffirdd Slate Quarry; Mr. J. Roberts, Agent of the Prince of Wales Quarry; Mr. J. Roberts, Agent of the Snowdon Slate Quarry; and Mr. W. Jones, Agent of the Berllwyd and Gerynt Quarry. After the dinner was concluded a most pleasant and convivial evening was spent by all the guests, and the healths of the Brynfelin and Rhyd Ddu Copper Mine Company; “Mr. Powell, the Agent,” and “Mr. Pritchard, for his very excellent dinner” were drunk with the utmost enthusiasm and good will. A great number of capital songs were sung during the evening and altogether a more pleasant and agreeable evening has not been enjoyed in the beautiful little village of Beddgelert, for some time past.

North Wales Chronicle, 25 February 1865FacebooktwitterpinterestmailFacebooktwitterpinterestmail