Glaslyn Road Bridge

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It is unclear when the road bridge over the Glaslyn connecting Gwynant Street with Sygun Terrace, Meirion Terrace etc. was constructed. It was not present on the Ordnance Survey map, surveyed in 1949, which was published in 1953. It may have been at the same time as the bridge, connecting Sygun Terrace, Meirion Terrace etc. to the roadway leading from Ty Isaf, was replaced with a footbridge in 1951.

The road bridge viewed from the footbridge

1906: Bridge swept away

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Snowdon and the neighbouring Welsh hills, about the rainiest spot in the kingdom, felt the full effects of the rainstorm. Sweeping down from the mountain sides, the floods filled the rivers, and the valleys were generally under water. Beddgelert Bridge, an historic Norman structure, was swept away. Water covered the village church floor, and also the post office, to a depth of some feet.


Source: Nottingham Evening post, published 4 August 1906


1871: A New Bridge

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The attractive village of Beddgelert has been made additionally picturesque by the construction of a fine bridge, of the best materials and workmanship, connecting the houses on the island at that place with the main road. This has given accommodation to the poorer inhabitants, and to the public generally, which has long been felt. The expense of the work has been generously borne by the respected owner of the property, J. R. Ormsby Gore, Esq., M.P., Porkington; and that gentleman’s efficient agent, Mr J. Parry, Glynn Hall, has, by the inauguration of this convenience, deserved and obtained the thanks of many.

Source: The Cambrian News and Merionethshire Standard, published 4 August 1871