1940: Probate Calendar

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The following entries are shown in the Probate Calendar for 1940:

EVANS Catherine of Eryri wen Beddgelert Carnarvonshire widow died 20 September 1940. Administration Bangor 24 October (1940) to Grace Evans spinster. Effects £394 8s. 5d.

PRITCHARD Annie of Meirion House Beddgelert Carnarvonshire spinster died 14 April 1940. Probate Bangor 20 june (1940) to National Provincial Bank limited. Effects £1219 16s. 3d.

WILLIAMS Ellen of Bryn Eglwys Beddgelert Carnarvonshire died 5 Aprol 1940. Probate Bangor 16 May (1940) to the reverend William Turner retired Methodist minister. Effects £499 11s. 9d.