1943: Probate Calendar

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The following entries are shown in the Probate Calendar for 1943:

GRIFFITHS Charlotte of Glyn Awel 6 Glanaber Nantgwynant Carnarvonshire widow died 5 April 1943 at 10 Gwynant-street Carnorvonshire Beddgelert. Administration Bangor 17 May to Margaret Jane Williams widow. effcts £132 0s. 8d.

JONES Edmund Richard of Dalafon Nantgwynant Beddgelert Carnarvonshire died 18 October 1943. Administration Bangor 13 December to Jane Richards widow. Effects £1,249 1s. 7d.

JONES John William of Frondeg Beddgelert Carnarvonshire died 11 August 1943. Probate Bangor 4 November to Jane Helena Jones widow. Effects £8,587 9s 2d.

ROBERTS Morgan of Gelli Iago Nantgwynant Beddgleret Carnarvonshire died 1 September 1943. Probate Bangor 30 December to John Roberts and Morgan Richard Roberts farmers. Effects £5,570 8s.

WILLIAMS Jane Ann of Tynffynon 3 Gwynant-street Beddgelert Carnarvonshire widow died 24 January 1943. Probate Bangor 8 March to Robert Williams retired hotel boots and Ceinwen Rhoden (wife of Leslie Gwinneth Rhoden). Effects £150 10s. 9d.