Glaslyn Road Bridge

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Glaslyn Road Bridge © Jaggery 2012. Licensed for reuse under a Creative Commons Licence.

It is unclear when the road bridge over the Glaslyn connecting Gwynant Street with Sygun Terrace, Meirion Terrace etc. was constructed. It was not present on the Ordnance Survey map, surveyed in 1949, which was published in 1953. It may have been at the same time as the bridge, connecting Sygun Terrace, Meirion Terrace etc. to the roadway leading from Ty Isaf, was replaced with a footbridge in 1951.

The road bridge viewed from the footbridge

Sygun Terrace / Tai Sygun

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Sygun Terrace is a single terrace of quarry workers’ cottages built c.1860:

1 Sygun Terrace ‘Ty Nain’ – now a holiday cottage

2 Sygun Terrace ‘Brackenbury’ – now a holiday cottage

3 Sygun Terrace

4 Sygun Terrace

5 Sygun Terrace

6 Sygun Terrace – now a holiday cottage

7 Sygun Terrace

8 Sygun Terrace

9 Sygun Terrace

10 Sygun Terrace