Please note: This chapel closed in 1987 and was demolished c. 1997

In 1987, its final year as a Methodist Chapel.
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A Calvanistic Methodist Chapel was first erected at Beddgelert as early as 1780. It may have been known as Capel Mawr.

A new chapel was built in 1859 close to the Saracen’s Head Hotel. William Skinner Searell (1831-1907) was Sunday School Superintendent for many years.

The high roof of the chapel is just visible


Alterations were made in c.1907 which saw a new frontage added complete with two eastern-style towers.


The original chapel behind the new facade


The building remained in use until 1987. It was then suffering from dry rot and the dwindling congregation could not afford the £20,000 cost to put it right. When the chapel ultimately became unsafe, the schoolroom (see below) was used for services.

The chapel was demolished as late as 1997. The boundary wall complete with railings still stands and the entrance gate now opens on to a small garden where a stone, bearing the inscription “Safle Capel M.C. Beddgelert 1859-1987” now commemorates the site.

The Sunday Schoolroom adjacent to the chapel built c.1906 remains but since c.2002 has been a private dwelling. Although tenders for construction of the new schoolroom and alterations to the church were invited at the same time in 1905, it would appear a satisfactory tender for the schoolroom was secured first with tenders for the church alterations being sought again in 1906

The former Sunday Schoolroom pictured in 2012
Photograph courtesy of, and copyright of, Ben Abel


Deaths – Jones – On the 17th inst., aged 93 years, the Rev. David Jones, Calvinistic Minister, Beddgelert. He had been in the ministry for 65 years.

Birmingham Daily Post, Wednesday 29 July 1891


Sir E. Watkin, M.P., has kindly taken to the Calvanistic Methodist Chapel at Beddgelert, near the foot of Snowdon, and has not only become a liberal contributor to its funds, but has presented it with a freehold piece of land for a burial ground.

Birmingham Daily Post, Wednesday 29 July 1891


The freehold ground rent of £1 per annum secured on the Beddgelert Calvanistic Methodist Chapel, was knocked down to Mr. J. Roberts, Ddolgam, one of the deacons, acting on behalf of the church, for £40.

Mid Wales Advertiser, Saturday 12 August 1893

1895: Sudden death of a Welsh Minister

The Rev. William Ellis, Calvanistic Methodist minister, Beddgelert, whilst speaking at a church meeting on Friday night, complained of being unwell, and not able to proceed any further. He was then seen to fall on his side. Dr. Evans, Portmadoc, was sent for, but the reverend gentleman never regained consciousness, and died on Saturday morning, from apoplexy. He was 68 years old, and had been a successful pastor for many years.

Cardiff Times, 20 July 1895


Whilst speaking at a church meeting last Friday evening, July 12th, the Rev. William Ellis, Calvanistic Methodist minister, Beddgelert, said “Oh, I cannot say anything more. I am very unwell.” He then put his hand on his head and fell on his left side and never spoke after. The event caused consternation in the chapel. One of the members went on a bicycle to Portmadoc, a distance of over seven miles, and brought Dr. Henry Evans, but the reverend gentleman passed away early on the Saturday morning. He was about 68 years old, and had been a pastor in the chapel for many years.

Wrexham Advertiser, 20 July 1895

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