Your chance to spy on the past!

Check out the fabulous map viewing ‘spyglass‘ courtesy of NLS Maps

You can now take a look around a satellite image of your One-Place Study area in England, Wales & Scotland and quickly see what was, and what wasn’t there in the past! You may even find a few surprises!

How have the hamlets, villages and towns expanded or contracted over the years? What historic buildings remain and how has their use changed? Have former workhouse buildings been demolished, incorporated into hospitals or converted to residential apartments?

What former industries have long since disappeared? Check for former clay pits, quarries, brick works, tramways etc.

Former brick works at Lynch (Kingston in Purbeck One-Place Study)

In older towns check for slum clearances and changes of road names. Why did Breakheart Road and Brownbottom Road become Fernside Road?

Check the size of the parish church. Has it been enlarged? Have former graves have been built over? 

And if your study is in a coastal location, you may see former hotels, sea baths, coastguard stations and even long gone piers!

The former coastguard station at Worbarrow (Tyneham One-Place Study)

You can easily choose the historic map series and change the size of your spyglass viewer.

There’s lots to look out for! Start exploring now and let us know what you spot!