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We’ve been busy working to make it easier for you to follow us on Social Media.

As you know, with the growth in one-place studies internationally, we’ve been rolling out individual country registers and we’ve now taken this one step further by adding individual country Facebook pages and Twitter accounts so you can receive country-specific content for your areas of interest. 

Use the following table to ‘Like’ our country-specific Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. We will be retaining our Worldwide pages and accounts which will continue to share country-specific items of interest on them.

AustraliaView Register
CanadaView Register
Czech RepublicView Registernyanya
EnglandView Register
GermanyView Register
GreeceView Register
IrelandView Register
ItalyView Register
NetherlandsView Register
New ZealandView Register
PolandView Register
ScotlandView Register
South AfricaView Registernyanya
United StatesView Register
WalesView Register
WORLDWIDEView Register

nya=not yet available

Let us know how we can improve our offering further.