1939 Register – England & Wales – Enumeration Districts

Further to our post on Sunday, we’ve now pulled together a spreadsheet that shows, for every County/Region in England & Wales, the local authority Districts along with every Enumeration District alpha code and corresponding Piece No(s).

You can use the  ‘Ctrl’ + ‘F’ find option to search for any value.

ew spreadsheet pic

Alternatively, you can filter by Country, County/Region and/or District. You can also filter by Piece No. and Alpha Code, but as Excel only shows preset filters for the first 10,000 unique values (out of over 66,600!), you may prefer to use the No. or Area filters first to get close and then fine tune.

We recommend you don’t hit ‘Print’ (unless you have filtered the results down to a narrow selection first) as the full listing runs to 966 pages!

Please note the spreadsheet includes 66,605 piece numbers out of a possible 66,612. We’ll update the spreadsheet if any of the missing seven are identified.

2 Replies to “1939 Register – England & Wales – Enumeration Districts”

  1. vervet

    Thank you for this useful resource. I was wondering if it is possible to determine the area covered by a given enumeration district in terms of parishes or parts of parishes? Surely this information must be described or mapped somewhere? I asked a question about this on the Genealogy & Family History Stack Exchange site at http://genealogy.stackexchange.com/q/9982/1107

  2. admin Post author

    Sadly we are not aware of any documents (other than the 1939 Register pages themselves) which describe or show the area which each of the 66,600+ individual Enumeration Districts covered.

    Information showing the total area covered by Metropolitan, Urban and Rural Districts (20th Century) can be seen on the Vision of Britain website by entering the place name e.g. Romsey, then clicking on ‘Units and Statistics’, click on ‘Romsey MB’ in table, then click on Boundary Map