Free Guides

Free Guides

We have prepared a number of handy Free Guides which are available to download and print if you wish.

They include:

Relationship Ready Reckoner

Quickly work out one family member’s relationship to another.

National Census Dates – UK, Ireland & United States

Quickly see the National Census Dates for the UK, Ireland and the United States – the official dates when the national censuses were taken. For example, in the UK the 1841 census was taken in Summer on Sunday 6 June. Ten years later it was taken in the Spring on 30 March.

Facebook Page – Quick Set Up Guide

Setting up a Facebook Page will take you less than five minutes and is a simple way to establish the first internet presence* for your study.

*An internet presence is required for inclusion in the Directory.

Project Idea – ‘Pace Your Place’

If you live within easy travelling distance of your study area, it’s great if you are able to ‘pace your place‘.

Take a look at our free guide to see what you might discover.