Gazetteer for Scotland

Gazetter for Scotland

The Gazetteer for Scotland is a vast geographical encyclopaedia, featuring details of towns, villages, bens and glens from the Scottish Borders to the Northern Isles.

The first comprehensive gazetteer produced for Scotland since 1885, it includes tourist attractions, industries and historical sites, together with histories of family names and clans, biographies of famous Scots and descriptions of historical events associated with Scotland.

The network of connections between all of these entries make this gazetteer unique. The website also includes the text of Groome’s 19th Century Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland to provide a historical perspective on many of the places described

The Gazetteer is being developed by Bruce Gittings of the University of Edinburgh and the Royal Scottish Geographical Society. With 27,899 detailed entries as at 12 September 2020, the Gazetteer is the largest dedicated Scottish resource created for the web.

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