Hearth Tax Digital

Hearth Tax Digital

Hearth Tax Digital is a website dedicated to providing data and analysis of the records of the hearth tax which was introduced in England and Wales by  the Government of Charles II in 1662.

The website is run and maintained by the Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities (University of Graz, Austria) and Centre for Hearth Tax Research (University of Roehampton, UK) and supported by the British Academy.

Sometimes referred to as chimney money, the hearth tax was levied between 1662 and 1689 on each householder according to the number of hearths in his or her dwelling.

The 1662 Act introducing the tax stated that ‘every dwelling and other House and Edifice …shall be chargeable ….for every firehearth and stove….the sum of twoe shillings by the yeare’. The money was to be paid in two equal instalments at Michaelmas (29 September) and Lady Day (25 March).

As at 31 August 2020, the website contained 174,347 entries, with information held for the following historical counties:

  • County Durham
  • Essex
  • London & Middlesex
  • Kent
  • Surrey
  • Westmorland
  • Worcestershire
  • Yorkshire – East Riding
  • Yorkshire – North Riding
  • Yorkshire – West Riding

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